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We are virtually condemned to believe, since knowledge that is beyond dispute is all but unobtainable. In fact, it is safe to say that such pristine knowledge is itself a fantasy.

The best example is that provided by the origin of the universe, something we can never know, since the acquisition of such knowledge would require our presence at that moment, which is of course logically absurd.

Since one cannot exist before they exist in order to see how they came to exist, they are irresistibly driven to adopt a belief on the matter, so that any position taken regarding the origin of the world, will of strict logical necessity be one of faith.

All beliefs are fantasies (including my belief that they are fantasies). It is not without good reason that my website is primarily focused on "exposing the fantasy."

Religions are special types of fantasies, because they are fabrications that take themselves far too seriously, and furthermore make special efforts to impose their contrivances on others. (Christians are notorious for proselytizing.)

There is nothing irrational in making the claim that God is a fantasy, and yet, at the same time, insisting that ITs existence is fully possible.

A fantasy is essentially something that is going on inside our head, and being merely inside our head it is understandably fraught with restrictions.

In many instances, to be sure, a thing can be going on both inside and outside our head.

The automobile and the airplane offer good examples. At one time they were sheer fantasies, but now they have been successfully transformed into realities.

Some things, however, are unlikely ever to be anything more than fantasies. It is difficult to imagine, for example, that God could be transposed into a reality.

By proposing this I am in no way suggesting that there is no God. There is no atheist activism going on here. I simply explore the fantasies.

In a very similar manner, the Civil War as well is both a fantasy and a reality. It did indeed take place, with the devastating consequence of 600,000 casualties. But at the present moment it is only in our minds, and therefore but a fantasy.

All human societies are driven by fantasies, most notably their ideas (stuff that is only inside the head, remember) about right and wrong, good and evil, proper and improper and so on.

It is especially important to keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with fantasies per se. Fantasizing is a major part of what it means to be a human being. Animals - I dare say - do not fantasize (i.e., think in the abstract).

My primary argument is that we should openly recognize our proclivity for fantasy, and never hesitate to call it that, something that religious types are loath to do. They insist that their dogma is not fantasy, failing all the while to recognize that their adamant insistence (driven only by a belief) is itself a fantasy, since it is going on inside their head (and no place else). They are coached, coaxed and cajoled into embracing a fervent stance on their faith, which has the effect of only contracting the fantasy into a hard immovable object in their head, an object that actually becomes little more than a burden to them (a virtual bag of stones that in most cases they do not even realize they are carrying).

My website is all about "exposing" the fantasy. Religious factions obscure it, if not outright hide it. That is both their poison and their prison.

My website is offered as an antidote for that poison, an escape from that prison.

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