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June 19, 2014 ...


The most cumbersome baggage we carry around with us - for the greatest part of our life - is the heavy weight of our personal identity.

And when we take a good hard look at that unwieldy bag of rocks, it is not too terribly difficult to see that it is nothing but a social fantasy.

The madness starts with the naming thing, and names are just words that parents pull right out of their asses, or from the Bible, or a memory of an aunt or uncle or grandparent.

We get called by our name so much that we come to be virtually mesmerized by it and start thinking (fantasizing) that that is WHO we are.

Newsflash: we are not a name.

Suppose we had been given a different moniker, such as Bill instead of Fred. Might we honestly think that we would have been a totally different person? I suppose that, in a way, we just might have been. Names can have an effect on our psychological development, especially if they bear an egregious aspect.

Our name is but a handle that people use to grab hold of us in order to get our intention (usually for the purpose of dumping on us). It is not WHO we are. There is no who The name is merely an idea that Society seeks to foist onto us for the primary purpose of controling us.

And there are few things that Society wants more than to control us.

It begins by identifying us. How could it control us if it were not aware of WHO we are? Or THAT we are?

But we can actually get past all this, completely dispense with that big bag of rocks we are carrying around and thereby gain some considerable freedom.

A simple thought experiment is helpful. Imagine being outside the influence of Society. That means that there would be no other people around spewing forth the awful and terrible sound of our name. If we were to eventually forget that name (which we very likely would), is it likely that the identity we associate with it would continue to resonate?

WE would effectively disappear. This pretty much proves that what we have grown accustomed to think of as our SELF is nothing but a word-association game. Erase the word and the identity disappears along with it.

And in place of the WHO that disappears, something truly wonderful manifests itself: we suddenly no longer feel that WE are something separate from the entire world, because we and the world are clearly the same thing!

There is no world over there, and us over here. There is only one big thing with millions of eyeballs looking every which direction. WE are nothing but one of an infinite number of perspectives.

We further sense that there is nothing right and/or wrong from this perspective. It just is.

It is what it is.

Now it may indeed feel that having a personal identity adds a bit of interest to this single piece of cloth we call the world; that it would be just downright boring with no you and me, us and them and so on.

I fully agree. It is a helluva lot more interesting, but so is a magic act, or a movie, or a book, more interesting than our day-to-day lives.

I love a good illusion, but I never forget that it is just an illusion. This rarely happens with our identities though. We fall under their spell so completely that we forget they are illusions, very much in the same fashion as a book, movie or magic trick.

I suppose all of this is just a round about way of saying, "Get the fuck over yourself." At least once in a while, like when you're feeling burdened by something or other, like the present world (or yourself).

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