Distributing the Resources

nobody's property, everyone's need ...


What is currently being done with the resources of our planet is only one of many things that could be done with them. What is actually being done with them is being done by those who have been granted the power to access those resources by governments that are currently in place.

The most common way that governments grant access to resources is by simply declaring (and staunchly defending) a state of freedom, which essentially results in a form of free-for-all in the arena of resource acquisition, and that always results in a situation in which those resources are lopsidedly distributed among the citizenry.

Freedom is the greatest enemy of Equality.

If everyone were granted equal access to the resources we would live in a completely different world, one very likely devoid of politics. There is only one real (i.e., valid) political issue anyway, how to properly distribute and share the resources. If they were justly apportioned, there would be no need for politics.

This is easily suggested by a simple thought experiment. Imagine a world in which Star Trek technology had arrived. Every home would have a replicator, which means that hunger would disappear.

But the implications of replicator technology are far more reaching than simple food production. How often do we hear someone remark on the subject of getting a job that they've "gotta eat?"

If the acquisition of food were no longer a problem (which it wouldn't be with replicator technology available to everyone), then the social pariah that we so casually refer to as jobs would also disappear.

It is difficult by today's standards to imagine a world in which no one needed a job, but such a world will surely arrive when the replicators are introduced. And when that day does arrive, that will be the day when slavery will finally disappear.

And politics along with it.

The only reason that anyone is interested in politics anyway is ultimately traceable to resource distribution. Everyone wants access to resources, and those who already have access are always fearful that some political force will establish policies that will threaten their hold on them.

Advanced technology will vanquish all these fears and apprehensions about acquiring and holding on to resources.

Politics will become totally irrelevant. We will wake up one day and realize that we have no interest whatsoever in presidents and governors, mayors and senators and so on. We can take care of ourselves without any need for such offices.

When the fortunate people in that future day read the history of our day, they will scratch their heads in wonderment and disbelief, offering comments amongst themselves about how awful and totally dysfunctional it must have been to have lived in such conditions.

January 19, 2015