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Mother Nature's own ... June 27, 2014


Anarchy has been around forever. It is, after all, Mother Nature's preferred form of government.

Prior to the invasion of the Eurotrash America's indigenous peoples had been getting along quite well (for thousands of years) without a structured political entity lurking in the shadows to help them.

At present, however, Man is not exactly living in a state of nature, which puts his pristine dream of returning to anarchy just a bit out of reach.

Anarchy simply is not viable for large populations.

Government does indeed seem to be a function of population. Larger groups understandably require more organization than smaller ones.

The number of human souls inhabiting this country at its beginning was somewhere near the 2-million mark, and the popular cries for liberty were surely not implausible. With so much territory and so few people to share it, the state of liberty envisioned by the Founders was in no way a merely fanciful notion.

But the current population of over 300-million (residing within the boundaries of the same area of land) puts an entirely different playing field before us.

There are many today who would argue that the form of liberty the Founders sought represents little more than a pipe dream for us. There are far too many rats in the cage for such liberty to be realistically attainable.

And the terrorism bogeyman has of course exacerbated the problem.

There is likely but one thing that is going to save us from the increasingly crowded world (and all of the dysfunction that is likely to develop in such a world) that we must live in, and it is not genocide (or a pandemic of some kind).

Although genocide would certainly have a profound effect on world governments (if it did not altogether erase them), it is not absolutely necessary for the restoration of the natural state of anarchy that we all surely want (even if only secretly).

That which is most likely to spearhead the return of Mother Nature's own government is technology.

Merely promoting anarchy, or preaching it from the rooftops, will never bring it about. Only technology has the power to ensure its reappearance (except of course for genocide, which no one really wants).

The more technology we have at our disposal (as individuals), the less likely are we to even think about such tedious matters as government and politics.

Fast forward today's technology 50 years and you will see a world that you cannot comprehend (any more than you could have envisioned today's world from a vantage point 50 years in the past).

The 3D printing phenomenon that we are hearing so much about will eventually result in practical replicator technology for everyone.

When that fateful day finally arrives, it is virtually inconceivable that anyone in possession of such a device would bear even the slightest interest in political shenanigans.

The only reason that anyone cares about such public offices at present is traceable to the widespread apprehension of civil power resident in those offices, spcifically, the power to take stuff away from us (or to give us stuff).

Technology, however, has the ability to distribute power to everyone, on a more or less equal basis and without the burdensome element of politics getting in the way. It has the power, in other words, to circumvent the political process, and directly - and significantly - enhance the quality of our lives.

The more power we have as individuals (outside the long arm of government), the less control do national (and regional) leaders have over us.

Leaders emerge in the midst of crowds of suffering people.

If there were no restless, protesting and anguished crowds (which there wouldn't be in the presence of adequate technology), there would be no need for leaders to appear and help them. (Recall Hitler's Germany)

Short of genocide it is difficult to imagine anything that will more effectively improve the lot of the individual (and thereby facilitate the advance to anarchy) than technology.

Considering the rapid pace at which technology is currently developing, you may actually live to see the day when you will wake up in the morning to a world in which government as we currently know it (formalized, structured or contrived, government) has become totally irrelevant.

"Tea, Earl Grey, hot."

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