Wayne Holland: The Irrational Universe

Bring Back Slavery

... December 12, 2014 ...



Society requires cooperation in order to survive.

Biology, the foundation of Society, requires dominance in order to secure its place.

As societies develop they have a tendency to suppress, or at very least dilute, biological urges.

Consider something as simple as closing the door whenever we use the bathroom. It is not Mother Nature that prompts us to eliminate in private; it is Society. Can we even begin to imagine a cave-man going behind a rock to take a leak? Try the thought experiment for yourself. Personally, I cannot make it work.

We also strenuously discourage the man's urge to simply take the women he wants, with or without their approval, making the offense we call "rape" a capital offense. Let us not fool ourselves on this matter. Male sexual dominance has been going on for a lot longer than it has been illegal.

These unnatural measures taken by societies, which they staunchly defend, going so far as to literally look down their noses at (not to mention being highly suspicious of ) anyone who would question them, do indeed appear to have short-term benefits. But in the long run they will but contribute to the dissolution of the societies that invented and implemented them.

It is very similar to what happens as the result of practicing modern medicine. Individuals benefit from it, but in the long run the greater society is threatened, since modern medical techniques make it possible for certain of those individuals to successfully reproduce when they would not have been able to do so in more natural circumstances. Such assistance from modern medicine will have the end result of compromising the vigor of the species.

Even as we speak our society is beginning to crumble. It is evident in the chaos that we see everywhere. I grew up during the 50s and early 60s, and I clearly remember those times as being not nearly as chaotic as that which I observe today. Women were not liberated in the 50s. I can recall only one childhood friend whose mother worked outside the home. And she was also a single mom. Talk about standing out!

Today it seems that being a single parent is accepted as not only okay, but practically normal. In a truly male-dominated society this would not happen, except on very rare occasions.

As for the slavery thing? Forget about it. There is only one thing that need be considered on this score. There has never been a high civilization that came to be a high civilization without the use of slave labor.

What we are essentially talking about here is a compromising of the foundation. Remember, biology requires dominance in order to survive. Society is unwittingly hurting itself by undermining its own foundation. Whether we like it or not we are biological creatures, and no amount of socializing is going to change that.

I have witnessed the sheer deterioration of our society in my own lifetime. And I honestly do not see much hope for it. Through legislation and certain forms of social coercion we are trying to force everyone into being equal. (Consider GW Bush's No Child Left Behind absurdity as but one example.)

I regard this as patent horseshit. People are not equal (except in terms of their basic humanity). If they were, then everyone would have approximately the same wealth. But we hear on a near-daily basis that only one-percent of the people have considerable wealth, while everyone else is just plodding along.

When the superior mixes with the inferior we get nothing for it but mediocrity, which is one of the best words I can think of to describe our current society, mediocre at best.

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