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The Delusion of Christianity

—the blind leading the blind ...


Christians claim that they have accepted Jesus as their personal savior. They have in fact ignored him. He preached (and most fervently) the Kingdom of God, not the Kingdom of Christ.

The Kingdom of God is a divine movement, instituted by God Himself. The Kingdom of Christ is a purely human-community affair driven by what is most popular among the masses.

And that which is usually most popular with the crowd is the hero figure, the one (always a human being) who will appear in our midst and make everything right.

The Kingdom of God (as originally established under Moses) had no such hero figure. It was designated as the Kingdom of God because God was its recognized Monarch.

In time the people grew weary of this arrangement and approached the prophet Samuel, beseeching him to give them a human king like the nations around them.

When Samuel (deeply troubled by this request) prayed to God about the matter, God flat out told him that the people were rejecting Him by requesting a human king.

Hundreds of years later Jesus (along with others, including his cousin John) arrived on the scene preaching the return of the Kingdom of God.

As it was in the time of Samuel the people rejected this message and instead turned Jesus himself into just another human king (hero).

They justified this action by arguing that Jesus was actually God Himself made flesh.

All of this was nothing but mere human contrivance, driven by the restless crowd eager for relief from Roman oppression.

Christianity is a mere human invention, extracted from nothing but the oracle of Man.

January 28, 2018

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