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Drugs and Whores

... business ... June 9, 2013


Ever really thought about what a truly free market would be like? For starters, you would be able to buy - with absolutely no fear of legal reprisal - both drugs and women.

Prostitution and drug-use are, in the simplest terms, forms of commerce. And why are these two forms of commerce not permitted now? In essence because of control (of money). And who is it that likes to exercise that control? THE GOVERNMENT.

I no sooner put this down than I realize what total bullshit it is. The government doesn't give a rat's ass about you. That is, the government, per se, what Aristotle would probably describe as government qua government.

To be more precise about it, it is a "form" of government that seeks control, particularly that form of government that we are all too familiar with these days. It is that form of government that is really not a government at all. It is merely a face of government that is actually run by big business. What we are so inclined to casually call "the government") is, for all practical purposes, a puppet government.

The government (as in the State) doesn't care about you, but business is literally obsessed with you. What the hell, business is interested in the way you wipe your ass. It is business that wants to control the flow of money, mostly from your pocket to its bottom line. It was business that was recently waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan, that in my generation waged it in Vietnam. Hell, for that matter, it was business that conducted the so-called Revolutionary War. It has always been about business, from day one.

The business of America is business. And business wants to control - everything. It is simply too hard to control the money flow in the business of prostitution. Because prostitution is all too easily a sort of Mom-and-Pop enterprise, with virtually no start-up capital needed, BIG business has little interest in it. It is just too easy for a girl to branch out on her own. Business does not like that. It wants to control the money flow. So business lobbies the lawmakers and persuades them to keep it illegal, so that they (big business) can continue to keep their vise-like grip on the river of money.

Morality has nothing to do with it. Disease has nothing to do with it. Follow the money, because money has everything to do with it.

The same argument may be made with respect to drug commerce. It is all too easy for practically anyone to grow their own marijuana. It is just too hard for big business to manage any control over something like that.

Big business has the money to pay for marketing campaigns that sound like moral crusades. Yes, they sound like moral crusades, but they're really not. They are marketing campaigns, funded by big business that are aimed at convincing you that certain types of commerce are wrong and other types of commerce are right. It is all nothing but bullshit. Nothing is right or wrong, except for stuff like murder and theft.

Suddenly I find myself wondering about the Wall Street protesters. What the hell ever happened to them? Their clarion call was basically "Get big business the hell out of our government." Fuckin' A. That's exactly what we need. After all, people, a girl's gotta make a living. Doesn't she?

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