Wayne Holland: Irrational Universe


Fuck the Priests


Fuck the priests,
those vile theistic beasts.

Fuck them through their sordid skirts;
show them how anointing hurts.
Fuck them like the dogs of war,
(or Yahweh's sanctimonious whore).

They spread the woeful lies
of demons in the skies,
and in the shadows of their steeples,
deluded all the poorest peoples.

And then, amidst the holy noise,
they duped our little boys,
and under painted glass,
fucked them in the ass.

Fuck the shameless priests,
those vile theistic beasts.

Fuck them in their wailing jowls;
ignore their silent mindless howls.

Fuck them in their naked spaces;
smear their shit upon their faces.
They spread the lies of God and war
and offered us a holy whore.

They said that she was unafraid
when fucked by God still a maid.
They said that we were born in sin,
but that her child would soon begin
to forge a path
away from wrath,
and send his light
into the night.

It is clear their brazen lies
nullify their alibis,
and make their late demise
a most rewarding prize.

Let them die without a prayer;
let their bodies rot in air;
call the dogs and carrion birds
to feast upon their lying words.

Let them bleed into the past,
and when their time has come at last,
their deeds will burn upon the pyre,
and rid the world of holy fire.

Fuck the priests.

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