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Holy Books

danger, Will Robinson ... August 17, 2018


Last time I checked there was nothing but humans and animals wandering around this planet; no angels or devils (whatever the fuck they might be), just humanoid creatures and the non-humanoid creatures they choose to call animals. The creations that we call "holy books" could therefore not have been made by anything but humanoid creatures. (I am currently not aware that animals know how to read and write.)

The fact that human beings wrote the books that they describe as holy is meaningless. It is an instance of the dog chasing its tail. It does indeed seem to make some sort of sense that humans would have to be holy themselves before they could legitimately exercise any authority to designate something else as holy.

What the fuck does it even mean to be holy, and who says that is what it means? The closer we look at this bullshit the more likely it seems that the very idea of holiness is something the humanoid creatures pulled right out of their asses.

Think of it: They write a book about God and claim that God Himself inspired them to write it, so therefore what it says about God is accurate and true. Like I said, the dog is chasing its tail.

I consider such a notion to be an outright insult to God.

There is little doubt that we all have an image of God inside our head. It just so happens that I consider my image of Him to be on a higher plane than that which the vast majority imagines. I frankly consider it to be beneath the dignity and character of a true God to select a particular mortal from the throngs of all the mortals he supposedly created and hold a secret meeting with him, a virtual pow-wow in which He imparted to that human being the secrets of the freaking universe. Fuck off.

I gotta believe that God (the real One) is better than this.

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