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In The Name of Jesus

what's in a name ... July 30, 2017


Not only is there a problem with the first letter in the "Jesus" moniker, there is as well a problem with the last letter (s).

The placement of "s" at the end of Jesus' name is a purely Greek convention, which affixes consonants at the end of names of the masculine gender. The placement of "s" merely suggests that it is a man's name, not a woman's.

But Jesus was not a Greek; he was a Jew.

His Hebrew name (his actual name) would thus not display such a consonant at its end.

Thus surely gives one pause to reflect on the many instances of deluded Christians attempting to cast out demons in the name of "Jesus," suggesting that the name itself has some sort of irresistible and irrefutable power, that the demons are literally cowered by it.

The truth is (assuming that there truly were such things as demons) that they very likely would not recognize the (purely English) name "Jesus" at all, let alone as a source of divine power.

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