Wayne Holland: Irrational Universe


Irrational Universe


May 4, 2018


Not only is the universe not rational; it could not possibly be rational.

Rational universes are unworkable, totally unrealistic engineering feats (fantasies). If there was a universe before the present one, it was irrational. If there is to be a universe after this one it too will be irrational.

The irrational is the circle and the sphere and the crooked line. The rational is the square and the cube and the straight line.

Do we note the presence of straight lines, squares and cubes in the world? No. Do we look everywhere and see the presence of curved lines, circles and spheres? Most definitely.

In order to arrive at the most elemental foundation of the universe (its beginning, or, in the language of a poet, its heart) we must first establish an utterly irreducible component as its source. It is inconceivable that that source could in any way conform to the limits of rationality as we currently understand them.

But most important of all is the fact that it is we ourselves who contrived the very notion of being rational. It would therefore constitute the height of conceit to trace the roots of the universe to something that is nothing more than a human invention. If we are in command of any street savvy at all we must surely be able to recognize that the world made us and not the other way around.


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