Wayne Holland: The Irrational Universe

Jews, Muslims and Christians

... the real axis of evil ...


The Jews started it all. Fuckwads. They took possession of some land in the Middle East and claimed that God gave it to them. What a bunch of fucking bullshit.

To make matters worse, about a billion other people (Christians) believe it as well - to this day.

Yes, my brothers and sisters, we are into the 21st century and well over a billion people still believe that God actually promised land to the Jews.

Fuck the Jews.

God never spoke to anyone; man, woman or child.

I am a Deist. I believe that God made the universe. I cannot imagine how a vast cosmos could come into being without a pre-existing Being to cause it.

But I most certainly do not believe that that Being took the time to listen to the prayers of one particular human being (Abraham) and bequeath to him some Middle-Eastern real estate.

As a Deist I firmly believe that the real God would never blatantly reveal Himself to any mortal being. (Why the fuck would He?)

If there had never been Jews there would have never been any Muslims or Christians, and the whole world would be spared a whole heap of unnecessary bullshit.

As a Deist I believe in God, but not the so-called holy books that offer us nothing but distorted images of Him. Fuck the holy books. Who in the hell says they're holy anyway? Human beings? Fuck human beings. I don't give a shit about what human beings have to say about God. I only give a shit about what God has to say about Himself. And I truly believe that God would never say anything about Himself. Again, I must pose the question: Why the fuck would He?

All action is traceable to lack in some form or other. But God lacks nothing. He would therefore do nothing. Why the fuck would He?

God never spoke to Abraham and offered him land. He never spoke with Moses atop Mt. Sinai. He never spoke with Mohammed. For the umteenth time, why the fuck would He?

It is true that no mortal could ever fathom the mind of God, but some things do indeed seem to make more sense than others. The only thing we have to go on is good sense. On that score we must note that it makes no sense whatsoever for a perfect and complete immortal Being to sully its hands with the dirty business of communication with a mortal human being. For the last time, why the fuck would He?

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