Losing Respect for America

—blessed are they who forget ...


With the passage of time I find that I have less and less respect for America.

This development is surprising for me, to say the least.

I grew up under the tutelage of the public school system, where I pledged allegiance to the flag every single day.

Respect for the President was unquestioned.

But if maturity offers nothing else to us it is surely the cold breath of reality.

And if one keeps apace with the educational process - whether through formal schooling, or independently - the nails are quickly hammered into that coffin wherein the childhood of our innocence (and gross disillusion) are at last interred.

As an adult I find it extremely difficult to respect this country post 911.

GW Bush will forever represent a virtual blight on the proud persona that once was at least a somewhat respectable nation.

How can we ever truly respect the Americans who voted for him? Are so many voters in this country really that obtuse?

We find ourselves continually grilling our souls on the matter, always with an attitude of utter disbelief.

I have mentioned before, and am not ashamed to repeat, that if I had had the resources I would have severed the bonds that bound me to the United States and taken up residence in another part of the world.

I would have taken a cue from the instructions that Jesus gave to his disciples, when he told them to kick the dust from their sandles when turning their backs on a city that did not accept their message.

Yes, indeed, my brothers and sisters, GW is unforgivable, and those who voted for him even more so.

May 30, 2016