Money Drives Choices

the essence of freedom ...


The more money we have the more choices we have.

If I am not mistaken, "choice" is "freedom's" corollary. That means that the more unevenly money is distributed, the more unevenly choices (freedoms) are distributed.

The people with the most money are the people with the most choices, which means that they are thereby also the people with the most power (also a corollary of freedom).

With money distribution as lopsided as it presently is, a great many people are literally deprived of considerable freedom.

But hold the phone. I thought freedom was/is what we fight for. Is it possible that the freedom that is so touted everywhere is not for everyone, but only the few who have learned how to wield freedom to their advantage (in the market place), to use it as a smoke screen to hide behind?

And the government merely watches the game from the sidelines.

Yes, it merely reclines on its fat haunches and watches people (a very few people) gather massive sums of money for themselves, through trickery, knavery, skullduggery, entrepreneurial craftiness, backroom wheeling and dealing or by whatever means.

It also watches them keep the money for themselves, all the while that they continually, almost fiendishly, look for more ways to get even more of it, totally oblivious to the masses who are trapped in a game of wage slavery, struggling on a daily basis to get their hands on barely enough money to survive.

And the government just sits and watches it as if it were some sort of entertainment. The government has the power to limit excessive wealth, but will not even talk about it.

I must have been mistaken. I thought a government was supposed to govern.

If there is anything a government should have its hands in it is this. It cannot be left up to the marketplace to take care of itself. The marketplace doesn't give a damn about people as individuals (for people as people), but only as consumers, as conduits for money exchanges.

The marketplace only cares about those who succeed. It couldn't care less about those who fail, or those who just do not have the knack to play its devious sinister games.

We cannot leave the matter of economic equality in the hands of the marketplace. Only governments will assume that kind authority. Any government that refuses to exercise such power is nothing less than irresponsible, and more than likely being bought out by the devilish market place.

June 11, 2014

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