Sick People

worldwide malady ...


The stuff inside our head is much more important than the stuff outside it.

If we were placed in front of the most beautiful thing in the universe, it would not matter in the least if the inside of our head was messed up.

One of the most dysfunctional items that anyone has inside their head is the notion that there is something outside their head that can actually see the stuff that's inside their head.

Most people call this “something” God.

The very idea of God actually makes a lot of people sick in the head, so sick that they don’t even realize they’re sick.

But when we really think about it, the notion that a Being (outside of us) actually has the power to listen in on our thoughts, to see the stuff going on inside of us, is about as sick as it gets.

Most of these sick people go around talking to invisible beings all the time. They call it praying. They ask the invisible Being to give them something they want but don’t have, to bless their food in case it might be poisoned or something, to protect them from bad people or bad things. If they’re feeling good, they thank the invisible Being for making them feel good.

It is a little scary to realize that most of the people in the entire world are like this. And it’s really strange to hear them making comments about the rotten condition the world is in. They are totally oblivious to the fact that they themselves are the very reason for the conditions they do not understand.

Sick people select other sick people to be the bosses. Most of the people who serve in elected public positions are sick, because sick people put them there. How could it be otherwise? How could a person who is sick in the head ever select a truly sane person to be their boss? They are far too sick and deluded to recognize sanity.

A truly sane society would strongly discourage the practice of any sort of organized religion, possilby even make it illegal, unless it were prepared to completely re-define such practice as somehow inextricably linked to, and devoted to the preservation of, the natural world.

May 23, 2006


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