Wayne Holland: Nothing in Particular

Socialism and Capitalism

strange bedfellows ...


The matter is beyond dispute.

Capitalism needs Socialism:

- to build and maintain the roads so that it can get its many goods to market (not to mention the raw materials it requires in order to produce the goods).

- to ensure that free roads are in place (as opposed to any form of capitalistic highway system that would likely require toll charges every five miles) so that its customers may conveniently access their places of business in order to acquire their goods and services (and - lest we forget - so that its absolutely necessary slave labor may always have reliable transport to and from the facilities of production and to the various markets where they proffer those goods and services).

- to make readily (and freely) available law enforcement, and fire departments and the public schools (to babysit the slave children) so that their minds can feel free to explore and discover new and better ways to improve the bottom line.

Socialism as well needs Capitalism:

- to foster the incentive to learn how to build the roads, and bridges, and factories and design and manufacture all the automobiles, and other gadgetry, that are necessary to ensure that the entire operation keeps on going.

- to create endless varieties of entertainment for the amusement of the slaves, who would revolt in the absence of such distraction.

Yes, indeed. The matter is beyond dispute.

Socialism and Capitalism require their unique - and complimentary - services. It is inconceivable that either could last for very long in the pristine isolation they both endlessly harangue about.

We frequently hear the argument that there has never actually been a truly capitalistic market in operation anywhere on the planet.

We are beginning to hear the same said of Socialism, that there has never existed a bona fide example of that much-maligned system of government.

I suspect that both of these arguments are fully valid, and submit further - as a reason - the suggestion that they cannot exist without each other.

There never has been a pure capitalist economy (or socialist government) in place because such ideal entities are virtually impossible, except in our fantasies.


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