Wayne Holland: Irrational Universe


The Wisdom of Indifference

he who hesitates lasts ...


That which we consider to be true (what we believe in) enslaves us.

Whatever enslaves us restricts (zaps and traps) our vital energy.

The more that our energy is tied up, the less alive we are.

Life, pure, natural and raw Life, devotes not so much as a moment of time to the act of believing. It is completely centered in action. It simply acts.

Mother Nature knows nothing of intentionality. It employed no notions whatsoever in the enterprise of our own making. It simply acted and we appeared as the result of that mindless behavior.

To say that Nature moves is correct. To say that she moves from point A to point B is false. She knows nothing of such contrivances.

Intentionality suggests rationality. There is not so much as a trace evidence that the universe is rational. We are here as the result of irrational forces. The more deeply we think on this the easier it becomes to see that it could not have been otherwise.

Creativity per se is anything but rational, which prompts us (nigh irresistibly) to recall Oscar Wilde's famous quote:

"I live constantly in the fear of not being misunderstood."

The idea of understanding is listed in the same column as the rational. To be in sync with the rational is to be out of step with the most fundamental force of creation.

The very idea of truth-and-falsehood (and right-and-wrong) is a human invention. The Guardian of Creation (Mother Nature) knows nothing of it.

"... for those who understand us enslave something in us."
Gibran (The Madman)

March 31, 2018

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