one of Society's most powerful weapons ...


It is the group that would lay a guilty conscience on us. It would heap the burden of regret on our shoulders. It thereby seeks control, to impress us into its service.

This is especially troubling when we consider that another part of Society actually encourages us to think for ourselves. This is the notorious double-bind that we occasionally hear about. In truth, thinking as an individual is the last thing that Society wants us to do.

Society does not want us to think our own thoughts. It wants us to think ITs thoughts.

It is Society that literally brainwashes us through a system of mass hypnosis called public education (especially in the elementary grades) into believing in, and wholeheartedly embracing, the worth of our culture.

It tries with a desperation that is close to embarrassing to turn us all into patriots (I pledge allegiance to the flag), while, at the same time, another arm of Society tries to convince us that the sports team from one particular area is superior to the sports team in another area.

One of the most deceptive values that Society takes great pains to instill in us is that associated with human life. We have all heard the dismal assurance that certain members of society "have no regard for a human life."

This statement of course strongly implies that there most assuredly is some form of value inherent in a human life. This is of course untue. Mother Nature knows nothing of such human value. A human life is simply what it is. It contains not an iota of either worth or worthlessness. A human life is neither valuable nor worthless.

It is what it is.

There is no more effective way to achieve personal empowerment than to recognize this truth. To truly believe that we possess some sort of value simply by virtue of the fact that we are a human being, is to take up the burden of a great delusion. One of the most efficacious things that we can do for ourselves is cast off this cumbersome bag of rocks.

The spirit of society is nothing less than duplicitous. As Alan Watts so astutely put it, the only real salvation lies in realization. We cannot save ourselves from the inexorable, and suffocating, force of Society if we are unaware of its influence.

November 3, 2009


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