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Why I Am Not a Christian

—simplicity itself ...


Jesus was not a Christian and never would be. He did not journey throughout Galilee for the purpose of starting a movement about himself.

He did not minister to the poor and needy in the interest of any sort of self aggrandizement.

He never once suggested that we should accept him as a personal savior. No such language is to be found in the NT.

(He did, however, tell his disciples to follow him, something that I rarely see professing Christians doing.)

If Jesus had a central issue it was without question the Kingdom of God, a political entity first established under the leadership of Moses.

When he urged his listeners to repent because the Kingdom of God was at hand he was merely expressing his firm belief that the resurgence of that kingdom was imminent.

The Kingdom of God was so called because it had no human king.

The very fact that Jesus so fervently promoted its return is certain proof that he in no way postured as being any sort of Christ as the Church would have us believe, or that he himself would assume any form of leadership in that newly-resurrected kingdom.

It was God's kingdom; He would be its king, and the judges would administer it.

Jesus was, in essence little more than a highly motivated activist for the return of this system of government.

On one occasion he assured his disciples that they would sit as judges in that kingdom, undoubtedly making reference to the system of judges that had been in place in the original kingdom.

The very term "Christ" in the sense of referring to some sort of special individual bearing such a title, is a human invention. There is in fact no specific reference to such an office in the OT.

I have devoted all due diligence to my personal study of Jesus, to the extent of dedicating an entire book to that study ( The Jesus Trap ). As a result, I am supremely confident that the universally recognized centerpiece of Christianity would have nothing whatsoever to do with that absurd institution, would in fact most likely spit on it.

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